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Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival

About Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival
Get ready for the new zombie games. It is time for you to rise up and fight for your survival in a zombie apocalypse in this heart-stopping zombie games adventure!

The zombie apocalypse began. Your team was hired to head to the island, collect evidence and destroy the plot!
A dangerous killing experiment has mutated humans into walking dead zombies, this undead spread out causing zombies outbreaks and survival are in immediate danger of a gory death. Survival must fight in a zombie shooting war to the death... Turn yourself into a zombie shooter and make the island your battlefield!

Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse with shooting games.
Wipe out the zombie hordes in a variety of imaginative ways.

▶ This offline shooting games is one of the zombie games where you can:
• Unlock 12 regions and plan a strategy for 36 different battlefields. Survival and against zombies!
• More than 100 types of gun weapons. It was never so easy to kill Zombies!
Flame throwers, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launchers!
In any other zombie games isn't that many brutal gun!
You'll have an irreplaceable shooting games thrill! There are also powerful grenades to blow the zombies to pieces!
And we will continue to add more gun!
There's always something for you!
• Design your hero with customisable skills and gun. Such as lightning, fire and ice.
• Loads of skins are ready for you to customise your character and gun.

▶ Insane and unique zombie games:
• In this zombie games, zombies are designed with various deadly killing abilities. They’re not stupid. Shooters can also find loads of zombie types in this offline shooting games!
You will encounter dead zombies hiding in the dark corners, undead dogs, Lickers, Undead Spider and other mutated zombies. Be brave to face these horror zombies.
• Target unique zombies and bosses, including Sheriff, Butcher, Mother Worm and more.
• Thrilling solo combat missions.
Fight for survival in over 110 missions with an epic storyline.
• 2 offline game modes: Main missions and Bounty missions
Does the normal mode no longer satisfy your desire to fire? Endless mode is designed for you! There are endless zombies coming at you, and all you have to do is pull the trigger! Your skills and stamina will be tested here, so come and test your survival limits!
• Whether you want to show off your gun or just have fun working together, upcoming multiplayer mode is waiting for you!
• Unique characters!
Each character has exclusive skills to help you deal with various crisis scenarios and turn them into survival. Healing, drones, and other unit features help you stand out! You'll grow with your character, refine your positioning and shooting skills, and don't let your character fall victim to the zombies!

New zombie games with great gameplay, nice story, and easy controls.
Download one of the best zombie games on the market now!
Fight the zombie wave!
Play epic zombie games and fight for your survival!

We will continue to provide you with important information about new zombie games and shooting games there!
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Recent Updates - Version 41.6
  • 【Optimization and adjustment】
    1. The mode entry is adjusted, and the anticipated multiplayer mode will also be launched later.
    2. Fixed the chip display error bug.
    3. The level settlement interface is optimized, you can choose to skip the card flip, or choose to spend a little cash to unlock more generous rewards!
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