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3D Forklift Simulator Parking

About 3D Forklift Simulator Parking
It's 2018 & school is in session! Get ready to learn how to drive and park a forklift! If you are a fan of extreme driving and parking simulator games, then you will absolutely love 3D Forklift Simulator Parking Games 2018 edition!

In this fun new simulator game, your job is to pick up and move the crates to various locations. You will need to be careful because this is dangerous cargo! Drive your 2018 fork lift and carefully lift the crates (TIP! Change your camera view to get a better view when you pick up the crates) and then move them to a special drop off zone.

It doesn't stop there! Once you are done transporting the crates and placing them in the special drop off zones, you then need to find the special parking zone to park your forklift!

Most of the parking simulator games available only have you do one thing... park your vehicle. This forklift game is different. You have to first pick up and transport crates and other cargo to special zones, then you have to carefully park your forklift. Translation.... this is one of those extreme simulator games that will keep you entertained for hours!!


- All forklifts unlocked in our games!
- Multiple cameras to give you more precise control!
- Multiple steering options so you can pick which one you prefer.
- Two objectives in each level! Drive around, pick up the crates, and park your forklift.
- 10 challenging levels to complete.


- Locate crates by driving your forklift around.
- Once you find the crates, you need to carefully lift it up.
- Once you've successfully lifted up the crates and cargo, you then need to find the special drop off zone.
- Once you've dropped off your crates, now you need to find the special parking zone and park your forklifts.
- BIG TIP: Use the map on the top left of the screen to locate all the crates and special zone to park your forklifts.

If you enjoy playing car, boat, and other types of parking, heavy machine or construction simulator games, then you owe it to yourself to try this one out!
Recent Updates - Version 1.4.4
  • - Performance improvements.
    - Bug fixes.
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