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Grugs: Stone Age Platformer

About Grugs: Stone Age Platformer
Run through the stone age platformer adventure of the Grugs with a caveman family! This family live in a stone age world and as such, in this world, as a caveman, it wiser to run from most dangers than to face them, so run caveman, run!

The Grugs is an auto runner style adventure platformer where you follow the story of a quirky stone age family and run through a stylized world interlaced with cutscenes. The game currently includes single player content and can be played while offline!

the four family members: Hector, the laziest man of the house, Brumhilda the manliest mother and their two kids, Brat, the firstborn and craftiest and Lola, the youngest, cutest and surprisingly strongest kid in the house.

various environments from flooded river lands, raptor filled hills and canyons, snowy mountains and caves to tribal jungle camps.

challenges in the form of environmental dangers such as massive boulders, dangerous dinosaurs, sharp spikes and other stone age dangers.

the trail of fruits to find character tokens, or stray from the path to look for other treasures in more dangerous places.

your characters looks, animations and sound effects by in game costumes and decorate the family home with treasures you find along the way.

Game features:
-32 Unique levels to be explored
-4 Boss levels to challenge your skills
-4 Unique characters to choose from
- Different environmental dangers
-A variety of character customization options
-Thematic decoration sets for your home cave
-Rich sound design with different tracks for every biome
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.1.6
  • -Fixed "no ads available" issues
    -Performance improvements
    -Level balancing
    -General bug fixing
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