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Cowboys Galaxy Adventures

About Cowboys Galaxy Adventures
Psst, hey kid, listen up! I SAID LISTEN UP:
A gang of washed up gunmen are up to no good! There’s gonna be a big shootout! What are they even thinking?! How dare they?!
You gotta be faster than a bullet, don’t leave those lowlifes a chance!
Do us all a favor and rid the space cowboy universe of the bad guys.
With your bare hands? This won’t do!
We are doing it in the Space Western style! Guns, strategy and reflexes!
What is it? You want more?
Become the fastest shooter! You heard me right: The! Fastest! In! The! Galaxy!
Show ‘em, what you’re made of and become the galactic sheriff!
And then send all the criminals and lowlifes to blazes! Yeehaw!

You wanna know what kinda guns we're talking?
Come on, cowboy! You’ll have a whole load of upgradable guns!
You’ll be able to take half of the enemy’s squad down with a single shot!
No sweat at all, just pick resources, level up your gear and scare the life out of bad guys!

The more resources, the better it gets for you! Are you not convinced yet? Did they corner you? You have an ace up your sleeve, use boosts! Fight evil the brutal way!
Seems easy enough? There’s more to it!
Know your enemy! Beat them at their own game! Learn their moves! You better be ready for real Wild West Space adventures, the enemies will differ and there will be a lot of them! Coming right at you or lying in ambush! Watch out!

Prove yourself worthy of the galaxy sheriff title! Teach these no goods a lesson!
Gotta be the first at all costs! Experiment with heroes, guns, boosts. Be as sly as a fox, be the mastermind of gunfights, get the resources, up your experience! Be the best!
Up your game, the better you get, the more planets you free up from the space crooks!
Make the space cowboy world remember your name across the entire galaxy! GIVE! THEM! HELL!

*A whole team of heroes with unique mechanics
*Lots of planets to explore, each with its unique style
*Exciting tasks for every world
*A variety of units differing in design and mechanics
*Regular updates!
*Endless epic gun fights!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 0.101.23
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