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Confusing Words

About Confusing Words
Common similar English words that confuses by its meaning, spelling and pronunciation. About 1200 words included in 500+ similar sets.

A practice section added with 50 sets of practice sessions. Users can easily increase their vocabulary by practicing on these sets. Each set contains 10 similar words card to practice.


accent- pronunciation common to a region
ascent- the act of rising or climbing
assent- consent; agreement

accept- to agree to receive or do
except- not including; without

advice- recommendation (noun)
advise- to recommend (verb)

adverse- unfavorable
averse- opposed to

affect to- influence (verb); emotional response (noun)
effect - result (noun); to cause (verb)
Recent Updates - Version 1.0
  • A practice section has been introduced. In practice area 50 practice sets have been added. Each set contains 10 similar sets of words. After having full score of a set next one will be available to practice. This will help to increase the vocabulary gradually and in a easy manner.

    More words have been added to the list. Total word count is over 1200+ in over 500+ sets.
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