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Journal and Diary - Clearful

About Journal and Diary - Clearful
Clearful is a guided journal and diary with lock for daily mental health, productivity, self-care, mindfulness, and gratitude journaling. Be more mindful with journal prompts and daily diary reflections.


Calm Writing Canvas: Write without distraction in your Clearful mindfulness journal.

Guided Journal Prompts & Templates: Clearful is a mental health journal app with journal prompts and journaling templates.

Gratitude & Happiness: Be more mindful, grateful, and thankful.

Goal Setting & Self-Improvement: Reflect and set goals in your personal journal and planner.

Daily Mindfulness: Be more mindful with daily reflections on your life in your Clearful journal and diary.

Mental Health Improvement: Reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and practice self-care to have a better mindset.

Self-Care: Take a moment and write affirmations for gratitude in your self-care journal.

Secure & Private Journal: Your personal thoughts are safe with private journaling and diary encryption.


Mental Health, Productivity, Self-Care, Self-Love, Mindfulness, Gratitude & Happiness, Emotions, Creative Writing, Goal Setting, Self Improvement, Anxiety, Stress, Reflection, Sleep, Dreams, Travel, Relationships, Health & Wellness


Mindfulness Journal & Diary: Practice mindful reflection and writing in a mindfulness journal & diary.

Daily Journal & Diary: Focus on mental health and mindfulness in a daily journal & diary.

Thought Diary & Journal: Release your anxiety and stress in a journal & thought diary.

Gratitude Journal & Diary: Increase your happiness by focusing on the good in a gratitude journal & diary.

Memories Journal & Diary: Capture memos in a life memories journal & diary.

Bucket List Journal & Diary: Plan life goals and travel adventures by creating bucket lists in a private journal & diary.

5 Minute Journal & Diary: A morning routine and evening routine for gratitude, goal setting, and writing daily affirmations in a 5 minute journal.

Dream Journal & Diary: Log your dreams in a dream journal & diary as part of a morning routine to capture patterns.

Goal Setting Journal & Diary: Improve productivity and do goal setting in an everyday journal & diary.

Self-Care Journal & Diary: Improve your self-care and self-love with daily mindfulness writing in your self-care journal & diary.

Creative Writing Journal & Diary: Spark your imagination with creative writing and generate new ideas in your journaling app & diary.

Mental Health Journal & Diary: Reflect on your thoughts and emotions, practice cbt, and focus on self-care in your mental health journal & diary.

Travel Journal & Diary: Remember and log your travel memories with a travel journal & diary.

Personal Growth Journal & Diary: Use Clearful as a daily diary to record your personal growth and self-improvement journey.

Guided Journal & Diary: Use a guided journal & diary for creative writing ideas and journal prompts for mindfulness.


- Gratitude & happiness
- Self-improvement, personal growth
- Productivity in life & work
- Anxiety relief & stress relief
- Daily mental health & mindfulness focus
- Self-care & self-love practice
- Reliving life memories
- Daily reflections & affirmations
- Morning routine & daily goal planning
- Creative writing inspiration
- Travel & bucket list reflection
- Dream diary

Visit []( to learn more about the Clearful free digital journaling app & diary.

Please email []( for feedback & support.

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Recent Updates - Version 3.0.0
  • Today’s release introduces Flow Editor!

    Flow Editor is a powerful, user-friendly, and beautiful rich text editor designed specifically for journaling. Rich-text formatting options include 3 levels of headings, bulleted lists, numbered lists, quotes, dividers, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and indentation.

    Thank you for your continued feedback and support! As always, please reach out to us at with any questions, comments, or suggestions.
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