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Pranaria - Breathing exercise

About Pranaria - Breathing exercise
Welcome to the Pranaria.
Few people know what a big role breathe exercise plays in the life of each of us.

Correct and deep breathing with the diaphragm allows you to increase the volume of air inhaled by the lungs and improve the saturation of body cells with oxygen. Pranayama completely normalizes the work of the whole organism: equalizes pressure, improves heart function, removes anxiety and stress. According to the lung capacity test: they hold 3-6 liters of air, but usually, our effective volume is just only 400-500 ml of air.

In Pranaria, we have collected the best free breathing exercises based on both ancient Vedic and Sufi prana yoga practices and modern scientific research.

How practices can help:
⦿ Prana breathe yoga will help you to relax and focus;
⦿ You can use paced pranayama breathing app for anxiety, for asthma, for high blood pressure, and panic attacks. As a result, you can easily and effectively control your emotions;
⦿ Lung capacity training: Restore the vital volume;
⦿ Inhale exhale timer will increase the level of brain activity: your attention, concentration, and memory;
⦿ Learn to induce a state of calmness and relaxation in yourself with the help of proper prana breath and relax control exercise;
⦿ Improve the quality and depth of sleep;
⦿ Strong lungs exercise, cleansing, and recovery;
⦿ Setting up for an important meeting or performance, become more mindful;
⦿ Reduced pressure, stress, and anxiety levels.

Strong lungs exercise app
Everyone is accustomed to the fact that you can train the muscles of the arms and legs, but in the same way, you can do lung capacity training. The more actively the lungs are ventilated, the more fully they are supplied with blood, and the better our general well-being.
Guided prana deep breathing app can help to alleviate general well-being, as well as help, restore lung capacity test.
We have developed a special lungs test that measures your current volume with the help o inhale exhale timer. By doing exercises and prana, you can track your current level of lungs capacity and observe it in dynamics.

Pranaria is based on a scientific approach: we have adapted the best rhythmic 4 7 8 breathing practices from the Sufi and Vedic systems for daily use. The best workout guided patterns such as 4-7-8 timer, Kapalabhati, Rhythmic, and Intermittent prana breathe relax and focus meditation.

Main functions of the pranayama application
• 24 workout programs for practicing different types of paced guided breathing meditation to calm and relax, pranayama for confidence, before bed, for lungs checking health, train mindful, famous 478 relax breathwrk practice and many others;
• Inhale exhale timer with voice instructions and sound notifications;
• Detailed instructions and recommendations for each workout: how to do prana yoga breathing exercises for anxiety with belly correctly, which position is better, when to inhale and when to exhale;
• A large number of musical themes and sounds - you can customize each workout and completely immerse yourself in the meditation process.

How long does the workout last?
The average duration of each exercise is 7 minutes. In addition, you can customize the duration of each lesson yourself. Even 4-5 minutes of resonance pranayama breathing exercise to relax and calm down in the app will have an amazing effect.

How to do it correctly?
It is recommended to choose 1-3 programs and practice regularly in our inhale exhale app. Visible results may appear as early as the first week. Pranaria has a challenging free breathwork system with which you can customize your training schedule and track your progress.
Recent Updates - Version 1.2.1
  • We have increased the number of breathing programs to 24;
    Now you can adjust the difficulty of breathing practice, which gradually increases with practice;
    Now you can perform a health test - measure your current breathing force and observe this indicator in dynamics as you train.
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