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Neck Stretches & Exercises

About Neck Stretches & Exercises
Neck exercises can help prevent neck pain by strengthening the neck muscles, which can help prevent neck injuries. We provide the best physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles in your neck, back, and shoulders, alleviate pain, and improve neck posture in just 30 days.

Does neck pain interfere with your life? Do you struggle to find a way to relieve it at home? We’ve put together the best exercises to do at home to help get your neck moving and relieve your pain.

Neck pain is a particularly common problem in our modern age with extended computer usage, poor posture, and a lack of exercise often to blame. In fact, it is the second most common condition that brings people to see us. Tons of people spend a majority of their time seated with poor posture, so stiff shoulders and necks are a common ailment. Instead of just complaining or living with the ailment, take proactive action and give your neck some extra attention.

Improving and maintaining the strength and flexibility of your neck can reduce your pain. We’ve put together our beginner friendly neck exercises to get you started. Stretching exercises can help to relax the neck muscles and restore range of motion. All our exercises can help to stretch and strengthen a stiff neck. Exercise is an effective treatment for chronic pain. The app demonstrates stretching and strengthening exercises you can do that may reduce neck pain.

The Best Neck Workouts to Add to Your Gym Routine
Give this bodyweight only neck workout a try. This routine can be done right from at home, at the gym, or literally anywhere you can set up your body at an elevation where the neck can come down to a full stretch and come up to a full flex. The neck is an uncommon area to train but if you start to, you can reap many benefits from it if done correctly. Stronger neck muscles improve sports performance. Some examples being more stability, better posture for overall movements, neck muscles assist in respiration so improved breathing during hard exercise, and much more. A bigger neck also makes you appear much more muscular than you are.
You want to do neck exercises in a controlled consistent rhythm.
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