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Grow Slime Castle

About Grow Slime Castle
A feast of unique slimes! Let's deal with the coming slimes!
You can acquire powerful skills by nurturing king slimes and slime garrison.
Combining the various traits of a garrison of 9 deployable slimes will work wonders.

★ Game Features
- A slime growth fantasy game that anyone can easily enjoy
- Defend the wave of slimes coming in!
- Place unique slime garrison characters with various skills
- Grow king slimes using research, vitamins, and mana stones
- Slimes that grow by acquiring numerous rewards without logging in
- Various regions! Over 10000 stages!
- Area Conquest, Tower Area, Various Ruins, and battle with the boss!
- Create hidden artifacts to activate powerful artifact effects!
- Easy operation and easy growth!

Simple game rules that anyone can enjoy - even for beginners!
Train your king slime and slime garrison to deal with the influx of slimes!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.00.03
  • Grow Slime Castle Pre-Open Start!
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