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Smarter - Brain & Mind games

About Smarter - Brain & Mind games
Give your memory and mind a boost and get smarter by improving your abilities with this fun logical memory game with intelligent games.

Improve your skills with lots of brain training games and choose from multiple categories such as memory, logic, math, accuracy and much more.

Smarter is a brain workout game with fun intelligent games, all in one app that can relax and sharpen your brain and improves your abilities in a dynamic, fun and engaging way.

Smarter Brain Training is packed with 9 different categories which test and improve your skills and abilities:
Accuracy - helps to increase accuracy and approximation

Color - each mini-game increases the ability to differentiate similar colors, sort the colors and all that in a fun way. The color-blind mode can be enabled in Settings

Memory - if improving the memory means a lot of work, Smarter is making this a lot easier and fun.

Math - with a variety of fun challenging levels, test and improve the math skills

Logic - different levels with a diversity of logic tests

Dexterity - use your hands and mind to perform a multitude of actions quickly, skillfully and effectively to be more agile, reflexive

Multitasking - combine and use more than one skill at the same time

Attention to details - each mini-game makes you more focused, increases your concentration, and makes you be more attentive to detail.

All your skills progress can be found in your profile section and you can easily figure out which skill needs more work.
After successfully completing a level, based on the results, you can receive one of the following:

Perfect (green color) - the level was passed in a very short time. You receive 3 lightbulbs.

Great (orange color) - the level was passed in a moderate time. You receive 2 lightbulbs.

Good (red color) -the level was passed in a long time. You receive 1 lightbulb.

By playing Smarter - Brain Trainer and Mind Games you can:
💪 Get smarter
💪 Train your mind
💪 Improve your memory
💪 Relax your brain
💪 Increase your focus, concentration, attention to details
💪 Test your logic
💪 Train your reflexes
💪 Train your brain
💪 Intelligent game
💪 Mind games
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Recent Updates - Version 4.4.1
  • Multiplayer Battles!
    280 levels to play the best brain game!
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