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Superhero skins for Minecraft 3D on PC/Mac

Author: Best Craft Skins

Score: 4.5

OS: Windows, OS X, 4.0 +

About Superhero skins for Minecraft 3D
Take away your Superhero skin, gain its power to prove that your skin is the coolest on the server!

🍀Works for both Pocket Edition and PC Minecraft

Superhero skins for minecraft Is a great collection of superhero skins that you can download for free. Exclusive and high-quality traced skin of the hero you can use now!
Download Superhero Skins for minecraft, customize your game with unusual skins, surprise your friends in multiplayer.
The collection contains only the best skins of superheroes ,with a choice of + 200.🌟
You can apply any skin to the Pocket Edition Minecraft.
Skins work even in multiplayer!
Play as Superman, Batman, spider-Man, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Green Lantern, Flash, Hulk, Daredevil, have fun with your new friends on different maps.
Super hero skins for minecraft World game on your mobile for free, at the touch of a button!
Write in the comments what skins you would like to see and we will add them to the new update!

▶ Download in one click;
▶ Works in all versions for Android and PC;
▶ Daily update;
▶ More than 200+ skins;
▶ All superhero skins in one place;
▶ All skins can be downloaded for free;
▶ Preview skins in 2D and 3D!!!

▶ Batman
▶ Spider-man
▶ Wolverine
▶ Wonder woman
▶ Captain America
▶ green lantern
▶ Flash
▶ Hulk
▶ Daredevil
▶ Robin
▶ Iron man
▶ Jean Grey
▶ Torus
▶ Sleep
▶ Rorschach
▶ Barbara Gordon
▶ Being
▶ James Gordon
▶ Catwoman
▶ Spirit
▶ Professor X
▶ Teenage mutant ninja turtles
▶ Yorick Brown
▶ Hellboy
▶ Rick Grimes
▶ Punisher
▶ Swamp creature
▶ John Constantine
▶ Green arrow
▶ Deadpool
▶ Robin
▶Nick Fury
▶ Jesse Custer
▶ Judge Dredd
▶ Spawn
▶ Crow
▶ Doctor Strange
▶ Cyclops
▶ X-Men
▶ Reed Richards
▶ Fantastic Four
▶ silver surfer
▶ Martian hunter
▶ Hawkeye
▶ Spider Jerusalem
▶ Torch man
▶ Kitty Pride
▶ Mitchell Hundred
▶ Flash
▶ Captain Marvel

Superhero skins for Minecraft is an unofficial app for MINECRAFT. This app is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. All trademarks and assets of Minecraft Are the property of Mojang AB or their esteemed owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.27
  • Added animation of transitions between screens
    Updated view in 3D
    Added Papercraft
    Added skin editor
    Speed improvements
    Reduced size
    Added new skins
    Added search by skin name
    Fixed minor bugs
    Wardrobe added
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1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Superhero skins for Minecraft 3D APK
3. Launch from APK Library