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Volume Booster Full Pro

About Volume Booster Full Pro
Turn on the application in the upper right corner and control the sound settings.

Main features of Volume Booster Full Pro for Audio and Video:

* Volume Booster — amplify volume of music and video. Increase volume in speakers and earphones. If the sound is quiet, you can turn up the volume in this app.

* Equalizer — adjust five-band EQ, control intensity of low frequencies, middle frequencies and treble. Use equalizer presets for different music genres, if you need.

* Bass Booster — boost bass in music and video. Listen to music with bass boost in headphones to enjoy the sound.

* Virtualizer — add surround sound effect to your music.

In the Volume Booster Full Pro for Audio and Video application you can use the following settings:

— Speaker booster, amp, headphones booster;
— Video volume enhancer, music volume booster;
— EQ, 5-band equalizer, frequency controller, eq presets, custom equalizer preset;
— Bass booster, low frequencies' amplifier;
— Virtualizer, surround sound effect.

For your comfort, there is a notification in a notification bar, so, you can quickly access the application.
Recent Updates - Version 3.2
Install On Your Mobile Device:
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Install On Windows PC Or Mac:
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How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Volume Booster Full Pro APK
3. Launch from APK Library