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Clean Drive for Google Drive

About Clean Drive for Google Drive
Organize your Google Drive files with Clean Drive and reduce your storage usage. This software will find your duplicate files, large files, large folders, hidden files and so much more. It displays your files in an organized way so you can quickly see the files that are cluttering up your Google Drive account.

When you first log in to the Clean Drive app with your Google account the software will scan your files and then present you with a report of how your storage is being used. The software will show your duplicate files, large files, hidden files, large folders, empty folders and let you browse files by specific file types. You can use filters to further drill down to specific files and folders. It can also bulk delete files and folders, making tasks like removing thousands of duplicate files a breeze. Check out the Clean Drive website for more information

After your scan is complete you will be presented with a report of your storage usage. You will see a graph showing your storage usage by Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos as well as the number of files and folders that exist in your account.

Then you will see your files in specific categories such as:

✔️ Duplicate Files
✔️ Hidden Files
✔️ Empty Files
✔️ Files Larger than X MB
✔️ Files Older than X years
✔️ Files not owned by me
✔️ Temporary Files
✔️ Files by Extension
✔️ Custom Files, where you can view files by custom criteria.
✔️ Google Drive Trash

In each category, you will see the total storage space that your files are consuming and how many files are in the category.

Below the files there is another category for your folders where you will see:

✔️ Folders Larger than X MB
✔️ Empty Folders
✔️ Custom Folders where you can filter folders by custom criteria.

You can also browse your files by specific file types. The file types are first broken down into high-level types such as:

✔️ Documents
✔️ Photos & Images**
✔️ Audio
✔️ Video
✔️ Archive (zip)
✔️ Other

** Please note, you can find and remove photos that exist in Google Drive but Clean Drive does not currently find files in Google Photos.

When you view any one of these categories you will see your files further broken down into categories for specific file types (Microsoft Word, PDF, JPG, Excel, Google Sheets, Powerpoint, etc).

When you view your files or folders in any of the categories listed above you will be presented with information about each file and folder. You can easily clear the clutter from your Google Drive account by selecting specific files or folders. You can also use the bulk delete feature to remove specific files or folders with a simple click.


With the free plan, you can scan up to 1 million files in your Google Drive account and view how your storage is being used. You can see the number of duplicate files, empty folders, large folders and more that are taking up space in your Google Drive account. Then each month, you can delete up to 100 files and folders.

Upgrade to a paid plan that starts for as little as 4 per month (paid annually) to unlock more features. The paid plans have additional features, and you can scan more files, delete more files and view large folders and empty folders.

Install the app above to get started and start using the free plan or you can view the plan comparison by visiting:


We care about the privacy of your data and are committed to protecting it. Our motivation is to help you organize your Google Drive account, and we will not use your information for anything other than that. Everything is transferred over a secure SSL connection, and we encrypt any account information that we store. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

We also submit Clean Drive to security reviews and audits to ensure your data stays safe.
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