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Aesthetic Adult Coloring Book

About Aesthetic Adult Coloring Book
This is the adult coloring book you have been looking for! Hundreds of ready-made pictures of varying complexity. You just have to choose a palette and turn the stencil into a real masterpiece. Among the free coloring books for adults, this one is distinguished by the presence of a relaxing audio accompaniment. Create a color story with the sounds of the ocean, fire, and other sounds of nature.


Music for relaxation. Choose the right sounds of nature to make the coloring process even more relaxing. The crackle of a fire, the clatter of cicadas, the sounds of a forest or jungle. Or maybe you prefer to spend color time with the sounds of water - a waterfall, ocean, or pond? You can switch sounds without even closing the picture in the artbook.

No wifi coloring game. This coloring game for adults can work without Wi-Fi. To do this, if there is a connection, open all the pictures that you like and paint over at least 1 element. Thus, the pictures will be saved on the Dashboard and you can continue decorating at any time without Wi-Fi. Please note that musical accompaniment is not supported when you are disconnected.

Multiple-choice. The same picture can be painted an infinite number of times in different styles in this free coloring book for adults. To do this, use the ‘Create blank copy’ function.

Palettes. 20+ different palettes that can be changed during the colouring process. For example, to color trees, you can use the Woods and Greens palettes with various shades of brown and green. For more daring solutions, the Metal and Bubble gum palettes are suitable in the art book.

Picture categories available in this adult coloring book:
- Fashion
- Interior
- Foods
- Outdoor

After each update, you will see new pictures in the corresponding section. Make this app the main book of the month for yourself.

Why are coloring games for adults?
1. Color apps stimulate the cerebral hemispheres.
2. Color therapy is antistress therapy.
3. Colering games help the concentration of attention.
4. Coloring book frees and controlling emotions.
5. Coloring for adults is an alternative to meditation.
6. Adult coloring develops logic.
7. Coloring apps give the opportunity to be alone with yourself.
8. Adults' coloring books develop artistic taste.
9. Coloring pages distract from pressing problems.
10. There are no competitors and winners in adult coloring books.
P.S. Adult coloring frees your inner child.

Adult coloring books gained popularity in the 70s of the last century. For more than 60 years, such creativity has attracted more and more fans. Monotonous activity has a calming effect on the psyche. Many psychotherapists prescribe colortherapy (coloring books) for patients with depression.

Color therapy, adult coloring is useful for those who are constantly under stress. Such an activity calms the part of the brain that is responsible for the formation of emotions. That is, you give the brain a chance to relax.

Compared to drawing, you don't have to make difficult decisions about shapes. In adult coloring books, developers already offer you ready-made stencils, you just have to choose pigments. That is, decision-making is carried out in a limited structured system.

You can find a lot of coloring games for free, but make sure these are adult apps. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the process and will be upset. Among all the adult games for free it can be one of the best choices for adult time.

Choose only the top free apps and enjoy your time!
Recent Updates - Version 1.6.1
  • — Ability to like picture in the Global gallery added.
    — Bugs fixes and stabilization.
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