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Factory Rush

About Factory Rush
RUMBLE IN THE MATH FACTORY! The Number assembly line has gone haywire, and you’re the only one who can fix it! Salvage the number discs before you run out of space to hold them. With the help of your math-savvy Number Box, reduce the amount of number discs by tapping two of them to create an equation. Correct pairing will remove the discs and save the Factory from breaking apart. Set a high score to compare with your friends. Removing all number discs from the line will give your score an extra boost!

Factory Rush is a proper integration of the gaming and learning experiences. It provides simple math exercises with a time-challenging twist. Players will be able to select their grade level (1st - 3rd grade), each of which is aligned with the Common Core Standards that have been established by the Department of Education.
Children will have fun solving basic math equations with these simple rules and tap controls. Enjoy learning simple math the fun way.


The game does not use any Notification Bar Ads

• Simple, Fast-Paced Math Puzzles suitable for everyone!

• Super Easy Control! Everything is just a tap away!

• High Score to Compare and Beat!

• Different Grades of difficulty for those who prefer a more challenging game.
- 1st grade, addition
- 2nd grade, addition
- 3rd grade, addition

• Power buttons to help you Freeze, Blow Up and Reverse the Number Discs.

• Feel the RUSH every 60 Seconds.
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.1
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