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Escape Velocity Space Shooter

About Escape Velocity Space Shooter
Escape Velocity is the endless space shooter!

All the levels and enemy waves are randomly generated. In this endless space you are a freelancer. In the hangar you can set up your ships to go various missions.

In a space shooter you need powerful weapons, Escape Velocity has a unique weapon system!
Only the base gun has unlimited ammo, the other weapons costs different colored energy cells. You can get them from enemies or you can use the the energy cell reactor in the hangar. You can upgrade your weapons of course, earn space credits from finished missions or use the cristals in the shop.

Escape Velocity has a focus on visual experience, so the gameplay has nice 3D graphics and effects. This space shooter is touchscreen intensive, you have to learn to use your other finger if you want to be a skillful pilot.

From the first second in a mission you need to be ready to fight a bigger enemy or a boss, in this endless space shooter you never know what the next challenge will be.

In the hangar you will find the holo-displays, where you can check achievements, highscore and other infos.

Escape Velocity could be easy if you escape from missions early but it you have to be skillful to earn a lot of space credits or score. Also skillful players can build a powerful ship. To upgrade to maximum only one weapon or use all of them in the missions? This is your decision!

The length of missions can be really short but in this endless space shooter you can stay in action as long as you want... or as you can ;). Of course when you finished a mission your next one will be harder a little bit so use wisely the energy cell reactor in the hangar.

In Escape Velocity the player ships has different abilities. It depends on you what type of the ship takes you a skillful player!

Now choose your spaceship, fill it from the energy cell reactor and be brave to leave the hangar.


* Intensive space shooter gameplay
* Procedurally generated levels and enemies
* Upgradable spaceships and weapons
* Tactical weapon system
* Diverse missions
* Stunning, real 3D graphics
* Ideal for beginners and can be really hard to skillful players.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.2.5
  • - apk size reduced
    - energy cells refactorerd
    - optimized
    - gui issues fixed
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