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School Girls Love Affair

About School Girls Love Affair
Welcome to this game about the lives of young people in love. Here you will meet two girls who are friends for a long time, they go to the same school and spend their free time together. One of the girls like a classmate, he will ask her to come out with him and you have to help them have a perfect date. The two lovers need your help to get ready and your advice for their relationship to be beautiful. You'd love to spend your free time here with us. We created this special game to help you have fun and to learn how a relationship between two young high school students should take place.
Be next the two lovers, they will be very happy because now you are their friend.

- Young people are at school;
- You need to help them organize the necessary things;
- In the backpack should be: pens, pencils, books and notebooks;
- Clean the board;
- Max's been telling Alice that she's been a pleasure to see her since she started school;
- She offers her a bouquet of flowers;
- Alice is happy;
- Then you have to help Max write an invitation to the city;
- Alice's girlfriend also likes Max;
- Max and Alice are at the restaurant of the school, the two want to eat together;
- Help them choose fresh juice and healthy food;
- They will go out tomorrow and Alice wants to look good;
- Now you have to help her clean her face with an exfoliating gel;
- Rinse with warm water;
- She washes her hair;
- Applying hair oil;
- Cut the damaged tips;
- Clip the eyebrows;
- Eliminate blackheads;
- Then you'll have to help her to wax the unwanted hair;
- Rinse with warm water;
- Then clean the old oak;
- Apply moisturizing cream;
- Follow the makeup;
- Apply: eye shadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil, contact lens and cheeks powder;
- Now choose the most beautiful clothes;
- Do not forget the accessories;
- Max needs your help;
- You have to help him arrange his hair and beard;
- Then you have to choose the right clothes;
- Max goes to Alice by car;
- Prepares the restaurant for the two;
- Now offer them their favorite food;
- Max and Alice get along well, now the young man wants to spend the rest of his life with beautiful Alice;
- He has prepared a ring to ask her to be his wife;
- Help him to prepare a beautiful and romantic space;
- The two are very happy, you are a wonderful friend.

Thanks for your help, Max and Alice want from you to visit them every day through this makeup game for girls.

Have fun!
Recent Updates - Version 2.1
  • School Girls Love Affair
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