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Zen Collector: Collect Cash

About Zen Collector: Collect Cash
Zen Collector is a relaxing incremental physics and exponential idle game where you tap the ball to bounce and collect cash from the spinner and build your idle bouncer with cash earned or with gems.

Fling your collector around and hit the spinners to collect cash. With the cash that you collect, you can upgrade your gem generator to get gems.

Use your gems to buy upgrades and unlock special bouncers to destroy the spinners.

Let the ball bounce and collect cash!

Types of special bouncers:
🔥 Collector Bouncer - Collects the cash of any spinner in the range that is defined by the level of the upgrade of your idle bouncer ball.
🔥 Magic Bouncer - Discards the cash and splits the spinner in two after the time that depends on the level of your upgrade. Gives you twice as much cash if the spinner count is full!
🔥 Explosion bouncer - Gives you 1 gem for every 50k cash collected
🔥 Physical bouncer - Collects twice as much cash after the time defined by the level of your upgrade.

When you have earned at least 100k cash, you can prestige. Every time you prestige, the amount of cash required for the next prestige point increases by 5k. The bonus percent increases your cash earned per second upgrade by the percent.

💎Gem upgrades:💎
✔️ Gem Generator - The gem generator is the primary way of generating gems. It costs cash to upgrade and every purchase increases the cost. It works online and offline.
✔️ Spinner Generation and Max - The spinner generation and max upgrade increased the cash per second and max cash capacity of spinners by 1%. The max is 100k %.
✔️ Increase Online and Offline Earned - The increase online and offline earned increases your passive cash income. It works online and offline, so it's a good first upgrade to get. The max is 100%.
✔️ Spinner Spawn Cooldown - The spinner spawn cooldown reduces the cooldown between spinner spawns. Each level reduces the time by 0.2 seconds to a minimum of 0.5 seconds.
✔️ Idle Bouncer Collision Vortex Cooldown - The bouncer collision vortex cooldown reduces the time between possible vortex spawns. Each level reduces the time by 0.2 to a minimum of 5 seconds.
✔️ Collector Constant Speed - The collector constant speed increased the minimum speed of the collector by 0.3 to a maximum of 30. This will keep the collector moving around, allowing it to collect from spinners without your input.
✔️ Spinner generation Per Gem - The spinner generation per gem will increase the spinner cash generation by a percent for each 200k gems earned. This will let you continue to increase your cash earned with gems. The max is 50%.

Spinners generate cash, which can be collected by bringing it within range of the collector, by bouncers, or by hitting corner bonuses. As a spinner fills up with cash, it turns green.

Cash upgrades are upgrades that target spinners. These are available:
📌 Corner Bonus - The Corner Bonus upgrade increases the bonus given when a spinner hits a corner.
📌 Spinner Count - The Spinner Count increases the maximum spinners that are available. If the maximum spinner count is not reached, a new spinner will spawn once the cooldown is over.
📌 Max Stored Cash - The Max stored increases the maximum amount of cash a spinner can store.
📌 Cash Per Second - The Cash Per Second upgrade increases the amount of cash a spinner will generate in a second. It cannot generate cash greater than the Max Stored Cash.

Tap anywhere on the screen and the bouncing ball will move toward your finger. If any spinners get in range of the collector, you'll collect the cash.

➡️➡️➡️ Download this incremental physics game and start the ball bounce. Just bounce and collect cash from each spinner and level up various upgrades to unlock and get a more powerful idle bouncer! Start the exponential idle growth!
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