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Idle Space Industry

About Idle Space Industry
Make trade routes, gather resources, craft and research! Conquer space & get rich with your intergalactic mining empire!
Use strategy to decide which planets to develop, which ships to build and where to deploy them, and which advancements to research. Spend resources to unlock upgrades, build up your mothership, and discover new planets to exploit.
Idle Space Industry - Features:
• Build up planets with mines or fabrication facilities to make resources
• Research a massive tech tree
• Build trade ships to set up a complicated web of supply routes between your space colonies
• Your planet colonies keep working, even while offline!
• 20 planets to discover and mine for various resources
• Spend resources to unlock empire-wide upgrades & create a thriving space economy
• Tons of different ships & spacecrafts to build & employ as part of your business
• Create an interstellar mining company that spans the entire galaxy

An Incremental Game Like No Other
Explore the cosmos and watch the resources roll in. Start small with one single mothership, build into a massive empire that rakes in the cash even when you’re idle or offline.

Create an Extensive Trade Network With Your Fleet of Spaceships
Build tons of different starships and use strategy to deploy them where they’re most efficient. Your trade network farms resources even when you’re offline or AFK - be a true idle tycoon!

Compete or Cooperate
Contribute resources to the Galactic Tithe and help all players earn bonuses! Earn credits for your contributions and spend those on powerful upgrades, or exchange credits for even more resources!

Build, expand and dominate as the best space miner in the universe. Be the space tycoon you always knew you could be. Try Idle Space Industry for free!
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Recent Updates - Version 177
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