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Critical - Incremental Reactor

About Critical - Incremental Reactor
Stop the reactor from going critical by delivering water. Robots are expensive though, so we use cheap expendable personnel instead.

Money earned ramps up incrementally the longer you last. Survive as long as possible to maximize your income!

Spend your hard earned cash to unlock permanent upgrades. Invest wisely to make each new run longer than the last.

Tons of upgrades to buy, research to be done, and secrets to uncover. Give it a try!

• Stop the reactor from going critical to earn cash
• Spend money on permanent upgrades
• Invest strategically to keep your team efficient
• Keep your workers alive
• Unlock collectable managers to multiply your rewards
• Research new tech to make even more money
• Climb the leaderboards
• Turn on autoplay to automate the process and earn while afk
• A fun minimalistic idle clicker with endless replayability
• Survive as long as you can!

Your loyal team of hazmat suit wearing workers give it their all to keep the reactor running and generating electricity. Sometimes the nuclear radiation makes them a bit sleepy, but it’s no big deal, nothing you need to worry about at least. Just make sure the money gets spent so their sacrifices aren’t in vain.

The longer you can keep the reactor from exploding, the more money you’ll make. Start small and watch your income grow exponentially as you survive longer and longer. Delay the inevitable cataclysm as long as possible and watch your cashflow go through the roof.

Use strategy to decide which upgrades to buy to reduce bottlenecking as much as possible. Bestow your personnel with more armor, more health, more speed, and tons of other powerups.

Stop the reactor from melting down, manage your team, become a nuclear energy tycoon - try Critical today!

*Send suggestions or bug reports using the support button in the settings. Or reach out directly using the discord link in the settings.
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Recent Updates - Version 71
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