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YourFlix Samba Video Manager

About YourFlix Samba Video Manager
Please Enable SMB 1.0 to use this app if you are sharing files using windows 10!

With YourFlix Network Samba Nat Video Manager you can watch videos on your phone using your internal or external SD CARD, or through WiFi on any computer network share (Windows SAMBA/Linux SMB or Router NAT).

YourFlix will remember your last played position and videos you already watched, so you can return exactly where you left. You can also play videos in order.

YourFlix will remember your last played position across different devices where this app is installed. This requires write enable network share (not read only)!

YourFlix will remember your last played position even if you pull your sd card out and insert on another device!

YourFlix can also download subtitles from

YourFlix is not a video player, you can use any other media player available. To use last player position features, please download MX PLAYER or VLC PLAYER.

If you want to play videos through network please enable "advanced sharing". On any windows machine, open windows explorer, right click on any folder you want to share and click on "properties" -> "sharing" -> "advanced sharing". ENJOY!
Recent Updates - Version 5.01
  • - Solve issues with VLC player...
    - Recompile with new libraries and support to Android 12
Install On Your Mobile Device:
Google Play Store LinkApp Store Link
Install On Windows PC Or Mac:
BlueStacks LinkLDPlayer Link
How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download YourFlix Samba Video Manager APK
3. Launch from APK Library