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About DOFUS Touch
DOFUS Touch is a completely free-to-play mobile MMORPG. Choose your character, then enter a massive fantasy world! Team up with other players in epic quests, venture into formidable dungeons, and earn equipment that will get you to level 200 and reach the height of glory!

Play one of 15 character classes available, and set off to complete all the quests that will have you discover the universe and mysteries of the World of Twelve! Enjoy a unique, immersive experience by exploring this huge MMORPG with a fantastic open world!
Get the best equipment and participate in a fully player-run economy.

The World of Twelve is in danger! Only a mighty hero can recover the lost primordial dragon eggs, known as the Dofus, needed to restore harmony!
Discover the story of this world through the cult series WAKFU, available on Netflix, and The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur (coming soon), and join the hundreds of thousands of active players who are ready to welcome you!

Damage dealer, tank, positioner, healer, or summoner… Choose a character that matches your play style, and customize your spells.
Grab your sword, ready your most powerful spells, and start conquering the more than 75 dungeons taken over by ruthless bosses! Form an alliance with other players to develop cooperative strategies unique to a mobile game: Heal your allies, position enemies, summon creatures to come to your aid, or go for a frontal attack!

From the mystical region of Pandala to the eternally frozen lands of Frigost, as well as the majestic city of Bonta, freely explore the world as you hunt for the Dofus. Immerse yourself in the fantastical vibes of each region.
You'll uncover many plots and mysteries to be unraveled!

Collect rare materials and transform them into epic weapons and armor, then equip them to boost your power and customize your look. You can also sell these to other players in the marketplace to gain wealth. Those daring enough are free to scour the globe in search of super rare legendary weapons…

The DOFUS Touch adventure is even more exciting with others! Join a guild, proudly wear its emblem on your shield, and participate in Discord servers. Combine forces to complete dungeons, do quests together, or even battle other guilds!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact one of our community managers on Discord or Twitter. They'll be happy to help!
DOFUS Touch Twitter: @DofusTouch
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Recent Updates - Version 3.3.6
  • - Head out for adventure on Albuera Island, a new area with an arctic ambiance that replaces Incarnam!
    - New equipment available for level 200 characters: Spellmaster Seals
    - A new spell replaces the Dopple summons when you reach level 200
    - Changes to many equipment items and recipes
    - Other fixes and various improvements
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