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Zen Mansion - Puzzle & Design

About Zen Mansion - Puzzle & Design
*** Calm your mind - sharpen your mind! ***
Relax, get centered, and let your stress melt away when you play Zen Mansion each day!

Are you looking for a way to calm your mind while keeping it sharp and engaged? Do you enjoy the fun and relaxation that come with match puzzles? If so, Zen Mansion will be your peaceful escape from all your worries!

With a tranquil take on traditional "match 3" puzzle games, Zen Mansion allows you to find your own Zen as you advance through a series of calming puzzles that increase in difficulty along the way. In addition to boosting your brain and calming your nerves, you have the chance to use your creativity to decorate rooms that can become your very own Zen retreats.

Challenging but stress-free, Zen Mansion features intuitive gameplay that couldn't be easier to navigate. Simply tap tiles to find those that match. Every time you match three tiles, they're cleared from the board. Continue until the entire board is cleared and the level is solved!

Match tiles, solve levels, and earn decorating rewards! Zen Mansion has all the great features of your favorite tile-matching puzzle games with a mindful twist.

► Engaging puzzles – Match your way through hundreds of puzzles and build your skills as the challenges increase!
► Calming gameplay – Let the calming puzzles become your ticket to increased mindfulness and a calmer well-being!
► Fun and stress-free – Play at your own pace and have fun outside of the stresses of your everyday!
► Creative challenges – Show off your creativity with unique decorating challenges after every puzzle solved!
► Eye-catching designs – Get lost in the eye-catching tiles and peaceful levels you encounter!

As addicting as it is relaxing, you'll find yourself coming back to Zen Mansion again and again. Immerse yourself in the serene game environment and feel your mind and body relax with meditative tile-matching puzzles and Zen design.

Play today to experience the peaceful retreat that is Zen Mansion!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.6
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