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aRacer X Tune

About aRacer X Tune
X Tune APP is aRacer puts the experience in participating of global competitions in the past, providing for new generation ECU for engine adjustment. It is suitable for RC Super X and RC Mini X series ECUs with more user-friendly interface, more convenient to use, and is suitable for holiday track days and daily use. It uses WiFi transmission to complete the adjustment and analysis of the relevant data in a more stable and faster way! In addition, you can also pay to turn on the built-in ECU functions according to the needs of the use, so it is the fun of playing in the engine tuning can be extended infinitely!!
X Tune has more powerful built-in functions including (depending on different sales countries and regions, related functions need to be paid to turn on):

# More powerful adjustment functions:
1. 20x17 (RPM x TPS%) fuel adjustment
2. 20x9 (RPM x TPS%) ignition timing adjustment (paid to upgrade can enable switching of 3 ignition timing MAP)
3. 20x9 (RPM x TPS%) target air-fuel ratio setting (paid to upgrade can enable switching of 3 target air-fuel ratio MAP)

# More powerful AT automatic adjustment function and more accurate & fast actual A/F data feedback through AF2 / AF1:
1. Correct the fuel value% & A/F value in time and record it in the 20x17 fuel MAP
2. The corrected result can be used as a base fuel MAP

# New features:
1. TCS tracking functions:
# The stock is not equipped with TCS, and it can be easily work in rainy and slippery conditions after starting
# The stock is equipped with TCS, can provide 3 levels adjustable
2. 3 levels of fuel correction in stock narrowband O2 sensor
Adjustable injection phase
3. Response Button for power response adjustment  After the upgrade, you can switch 3 target air-fuel & ignition timing MAPs in time
4. Guided idle speed setting
5. Guided quick shift triggered pressure setting
6. New style Backfire / Idle loope control
7. New analysis tools

# Notes:
1. X Tune is only suitable for safe and closed road track, and don’t allow to be used in public road!!
2. After paying to turn on the ECU functions, no refund can be made, because the function has been turned-on in the ECU! Before paying, you can use the trial function to confirm the applicability!
3. The adjustment function may damage the engine, please find a qualified professional technician to adjust it and it is not suitable for general users! Any adjustment causes engine damage and dangerous accidents, the company cannot provide any compensation!

About the details, please refer to:
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.1.4
  • v2.1.4
    # The RPMlimit function has been changed to a free item. (starting from S65 version)
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