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Lumeno - Colour Match 3 Puzzle

About Lumeno - Colour Match 3 Puzzle
Connect colorful orbs of light in Lumeno, the classic match 3 puzzle game from Arkadium. Match 3 or more orbs to clear them from the board, rack up points and earn more moves.

Experience exciting power-ups and boosts to make each level more rewarding than the last. Use bombs and power-ups to clear orbs. Clear flower orbs to earn even more moves and reach a new level.

Stay sharp and relax with this classic, calming yet challenging match 3 puzzle game!

- Fun, exciting power-ups to clear orbs
- 5 NEW boosts to perfect your strategy
- Long colorful light chains
- Intuitive, elegant and beautiful match 3 puzzles
- A near infinite number of addicting, relaxing levels
- FREE, offline gameplay without wifi anytime, anywhere
- Relax, wind down and destress with satisfying gameplay

- Recolor: Changes the color of a selected non-flower orb to a new color of choice.
- Remove: Removes an orb from the board.
- Upgrade: Changes a normal orb to a power orb.
- Shuffle Flower: Swaps the position of the flower orb with another orb at random.
- Power Wisps: Adds 4 “power wisps” to orbs on the board at random locations. Dragging a line through a wisp generates an extra power orb.

Arkadium’s Lumeno has an endless number of dot connecting levels that are sure to delight you for hours. Whether you’re a match-3 beginner or expert, this game is perfect for any skill level. Before you know it, your Lumeno puzzle skills will launch to the moon!

So, what are you waiting for? Join tens of thousands of people now and download Lumeno!

The goal of Lumeno is to clear flower orbs to earn more moves and keep your high score growing. If you run out of moves, the game will end. Simply drag to connect at least 3 orbs of the same color. Drag through flowers to earn more moves, power-ups to blast more orbs, and choose from 5 exciting boosts to help you clear the board faster.

- Combine multiple power-ups to clear flower orbs as quickly as possible
- At the start of the game, try to clear flower orbs and save up extra moves for the more difficult levels later
- Strategize and think about how the orbs will fall and plan multiple moves ahead – this way you can set up longer chains with more power-ups in them.

Good luck!

Start solving fun match 3 puzzles to train your brain and stay sharp -Download Lumeno today!

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