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BATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense

About BATTLE PLAN - Tower Defense
Immerse yourself in an ancient world filled with dangerous zombies, mages, and other creatures.
In the new tower defense game you have to fight hordes of enemies with powerful cannons and spell cards. Combine and create incredibly strong and large-scale attacks.

Battle Plan is an RPG 3D tower defense game with strategy elements. In it, you can improve your towers and skills with the help of a skill branch. The game is divided into chapters, and at the end of each chapter, a strong boss and hundreds of enemies are waiting for you to defend it.

Build strong and unique towers. Find epic and legendary loot that will help you deal with hundreds of enemies at once.

Explore ancient worlds, planets, and dungeons
- Sunny Woodland
- Deep Dungeons
- Icy Mountains
- Molten Caverns
- Sandy Lagoon
- The Factory
- The Swamps
- Grim Castle
and others

Compete with other users from all over the world in the best players ranking.

In this RTS game you will be able to use different spells and combine your attacks. Spells that will be available to you:
- a firewall
- fireballs
- lightning
- tornado
- poison
- frenzy (will increase the attack speed of the weapon)
- mines

You will also need unique buildings for tactical combat. These are three cannons that work in different modes.
Ballista - shoots arrows.
Skully - throws magic balls
Bombarda - Works as artillery

Each new battle will test your patience and skills in an endless battle between good and evil. It will test your strategic thinking

Each new season with a combat pass you will gain access to a magical, rare, and epic item. Which will help you overcome the enemy.

Wizards, spiders in uncharted caves, and zombies in dark dungeons are ready to fight you on the battleground. Take your weapons in your hands and begin your game. The brave will be rewarded.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.2.1
  • Bug fixes
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