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Blitzkrieg Online WW2 Strategy

About Blitzkrieg Online WW2 Strategy
Blitzkrieg is a multiplayer strategy game set in World War 2 times. Form alliance with other players in coalitions. Fight in battles against 100 online players on one map in real time. Move your units freely across the whole map with no limitations like predefined paths.

Military game:

Build WW2 troops, ground vehicles, airplanes or battleships to suit your strategy to conquer the whole map. Upgrade all your armies to be stronger, faster and better than your enemy.

Regions development:

Develop your country with a wise choice of buildings placed on various types of regions with different bonuses. Upgrade your infrastructure to higher levels to improve your unit production speed as well as increased resource capacity.


Form alliances with other players to conquer other regions on the map to win the game. Join coalitions or start a war against other nations to take their territories.

Strategy and tactics:

Call your armies for a war with great tactics to win all battles against your opponents. In Blitzkrieg Online you can move all your units freely across the whole map without any limits! You can take your war strategy to the next level - no more predefined paths for units. Spread or merge your armies for the best possible outcome based on your tactics. Pick your battlefield - ground, air or sea and eliminate your rivals.


✭ Real time multiplayer
✭ Up to 100 players simultaneously
✭ Vast variety of maps
✭ WW2 troops and vehicles
✭ Coalitions and alliances
✭ Free units movement - no predefined paths
✭ Unlimited tactics and strategies
✭ Ground, air and sea battles
✭ PC and mobile cross-play
✭ Advanced spy system
Recent Updates - Version 1.41
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