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CellRebel Mobile Network Guide

About CellRebel Mobile Network Guide
The CellRebel app is the ultimate guide that helps you pick the best mobile service. In the app you can get information about which mobile network has the best quality, which mobile operator has the cheapest prices and see what other users say about the mobile operators in the “Operator Guide” section. You can also submit your own review or rating about your mobile operator.

Information about the network quality of the mobile operators based on billions of network quality data samples are visualized in an easy-to-understand manner. This data comes from both app measurements from the CellRebel app as well as from 3rd party data from CellRebel’s partners.

For the price comparison CellRebel evaluates each mobile operator’s price packages in detail. The prices are then translated into a price score to make it easy for the users to compare.

In the “Connection Test” section, you can test your own network experience and get instant feedback how well your network performs for web browsing and video streaming. You can also see how well your network performed during the last week based on measurements from your device in the “My Network Quality” section.

If you download this app, you will contribute with measurements related to mobile network quality. The measurements that is collected from the app is completely anonymous and we do not track any personal data. Please allow the app to always use your location in order to get enough samples to give you an accurate view of your network experience (which you find in “My Network Quality” section).

If you are interested in the following you should download this app:

- Which mobile operator has the best network quality in your country or in a country that you are planning to visit

- Understanding your own network quality

- Which mobile operator has the best prices

- What other users say about the mobile operators

- If you would like to express feedback about your experience with your mobile operator

Download our app and become a CellRebel!
Recent Updates - Version 1.9.1-full
  • Improved network analytics based on signal strength
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