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Sim Hotel Tycoon: Tycoon Games

About Sim Hotel Tycoon: Tycoon Games
Are you a tycoon games player? Are you ready to try your hand at being a hotel manager? Use your ingenuity, allocate your budget carefully, manage your income and expenses to make a profit, gradually accumulate wealth, and finally build a hotel empire and become a resort hotel tycoon.

Game Features:
1. A hotel game with exquisite game scene. The scene will change between day and night.

2. Interesting characters: As the popularity of your hotel increases, more and more personalized guests will visit your hotel. Don't be idle, invest all the money you earn into the construction of facilities to provide better services to guests. When the satisfaction of the guests reaches a certain level, there will be surprises waiting for you.

3. Plenty of resort facilities to build: A big focus of hotel games is building and upgrading facilities.The development of the hotel is inseparable from the construction of various entertainment facilities. Upgrading these facilities to make them more and more luxurious will not only bring you more money, but will also keep your guests happy. When the facilities are enough and luxurious enough, you will have a hotel empire.

4. The hotel will still earn you money while you're offline, so don't forget to open the game from time to time to claim it.

If you like tycoon games and hotel games, don't miss Sim Hotel Tycoon.
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Recent Updates - Version 1.31.5086
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