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Warlord : Evolution

About Warlord : Evolution
Survival io of heroes evolving to survive!

From strong orcs, noble elves, to legendary wizards
Various races in the fantasy world start a war to determine the ultimate victor.

If you can't avoid it, use a craft to subdue your opponent.
If you survive the fierce battle to the end, victory is yours.

Play tips
▶ Absorb the enemy's energy and level up quickly.
▶ The more you level up, the more powerful skills and evolutionary heroes you can choose!
▶ If you stay still, you'll die! Run away from the strong enemy, and shoot the weak without hesitation!
▶ Avoid enemy attacks and fire accurately like an archer!
▶ Unlock various heroes along the evolution tree and grow them stronger!
▶ Collect interesting skill cards and upgrade them!
▶ Try the various regional stages!

Hyper Evolution Battle Royale Action Game!
Warlord Arena : Evolution waits the master of the battlefield.
Recent Updates - Version VARY
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