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War Three Kingdoms

About War Three Kingdoms
Become a hero in a chaotic world and unify the world!
War Three Kingdoms is a vertical idle collection RPG game set in the Three Kingdoms.

[Enjoy it comfortably]
-Rich offline rewards for effortless growth fun
-A gorgeous and refreshing battle to enjoy in full auto!
-Quickly attack with auto battle x AFK x skip function!

[Collect Legendary Heroes of the Three Kingdoms]
-'Dealer 'Lu Bu', Tanker 'Zhang Fei', Support 'Liu Bei' raised by me
- Powerful hero formations made with your own combinations!
-Various strategies and tactics using ties, formation, and joint skills!

[There is no time to get bored with rich contents]
-Endless stage challenge!
-Team up with your friends and other players to build the strongest guild!
-Fierce wars in the arena for each server, guild, and faction!

[Experience the fun of in-depth nurturing & farming]
- Infinitely growing heroes with dozens of training methods
-Lots of equipment, pets, treasures, and more fun collecting and enhancing everything!
-Meet heroes who grow more gorgeous as they grow!

[Given free perks]
-Abundant rewards are waiting for you!
-Enjoy without ads!
Recent Updates - Version VARY
  • Open!
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