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War Towers – Base Wave Defense

About War Towers – Base Wave Defense


Are you looking for new exciting tower defense games with base defense challenges?
Want to play this BTD game offline? 🤔

Well, you must play War Towers, which is a war tower defense game offline in which you need to build a smart wave defense against enemies in post-apocalyptic desert wastelands. Fight for the survival of the only civilized city under siege by scavengers in one of the most exciting td strategy games of 2022.


⚙️Your role in this tower battle game is to take control of the war towers defence and protect the city from incoming hordes of enemies. They are ruthless and fearless, and they will not stop attacking the city until it is under their control. You must protect the city, by all means, using your workers, assets, and abilities. Therefore, we nominate you to be in charge of our tower defense to build mighty tower protection.

We will give you workers and plans for some advanced towers to protect us all from the attacking army. The only currency you will need is 🔩 bolts and 💧drops to buy equipment and more soldiers. Place them into towers and let them stop the enemies. Defensive towers are our primary goal to keep the city protected. Do you have it in you to build a reputable base defense and defend the city from all waves?

Each tower that you build with the workers can be upgraded and further be more powerful in the war tower defense challenges. We will provide you with different types of towers:

● Basic Tower - it's for free and it's a good defensive weapon to protect your people.

● Gunner Tower - tower with rapid-fire but not so powerful.

● Bomber Tower - tower shooting bombs and making greater area damage.

● Sniper Tower - use this tower and make accurate shots that inflict as much damage as possible on enemies.

If your BTD strategy fails, don’t worry. You can replay this TD strategy RPG over and over again.

Besides building war towers, this free TD game also has idle tower defense elements as you can create and hire idle workers to collect and store bolts from fallen enemies. Build as many huts as possible, as this is where your workers will store the bolts. Then use the bolts to get more workers and build more towers, you’ll need them in the dangerous tower action waves in the later stages.

‣ get workers to build towers and huts
‣ upgrade the basic towers for more damage
‣ upgrade max workers in a tower; tower damage, range, HP; increase wall HP
‣ buy and upgrade workers
‣ upgrade workers' speed and looting capacity
‣ complete tower defense quests
‣ get daily rewards
‣ speed up the tower battle wave attacks
‣ play the war tower defense game offline
‣ turn music and sounds on/off
‣ Change language: English, Italian, Spanish

Keep the city protected by all means. The enemy is regrouping and we need your leadership to protect us all. Watch out! These dangerous scavengers also carry nukes ☣️ with them, and they can destroy your towers at any time. Additionally, they have powerful trucks and armor that make them hard to kill.

Now all that’s left to do is to get War Towers and build extremely powerful tower defense!
👉Download one of the best war tower defense games offline in 2022!

If you have any queries regarding this loot idle wave defense game, please send them to Till then become the ultimate tower guard of the battle towers and defend the city in one of the most enjoyable looting tower defense strategy games on mobile.
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Recent Updates - Version 14.0.16
  • Improvements and new features
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