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Tale of Elements: Idle RPG

About Tale of Elements: Idle RPG
"The greatest danger in life is not to take the adventure. What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy, because every step you take is unpredictable."

Tale of Elements: Idle RPG is a new fantasy RPG with rogue-like and unpredictable adventures. You are surrounded by zombies, and the only choice is to fight alone and survive with random skills. So tell me are you ready to save the world?

------ GAME FEATURES ------

▶Rogue-like and Unpredictable Adventures

Each time you explore adventures, the map and quests will be random. You will encounter many unpredictable events, such as choosing whether to rescue the nun. Each choice can affect the development of the plot and rare rewards!

▶Customize Unique Characters and Gears
More than 1000 heroes in different elements with specific skills, even you can design a unique style. Abundant choices of four races, five elements, eight classes, and thirteen skill cards in the battle, you can customize your adventure and enjoy it!

▶Idle System to Free up Your Time
Get idle rewards, even when you are offline. Start adventures while you're away, and the next time you log in, you will immediately receive offline benefits, including equipment, experience, and gold!

▶Gain Valuable Friends Anytime
2 million travelers have started the adventure. Form guilds with friends to challenge bosses, or engage in friendly one-on-one battles in arenas, leaving your name on the ranking, earning your glory and epic rewards.

Don't Think Twice! Join and do whatever to survive!

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Recent Updates - Version 1.19
  • 1. New heroes - Mimiko Yamaro, Hildur Killerbee
    2. New heroes - Heronica Emerald, Dinesha Libra
    3. Update Lunar New Year events
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