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Find numbers - Schulte table

About Find numbers - Schulte table
A variation of Schulte table - a speed reading game. An exciting brain teaser for puzzle lovers. This game looks very easy but it will put your brain and eyes to a real challenge. Welcome back to student life and start remembering your school days by playing old copy-pencil number-finding game.

How to Play
This game will generate numbers from 1 to 30, 1 to 50, 1 to 80 or 1 to 100 at random positions on the screen and your task will be to find all the numbers between 1 to 30, 50, 80 or 100 as quick | fast as possible. There are multiple game modes available in the game.

Benefits of Speed Reading
It's been statistically proven that the faster you read, the better you’ll do. The benefits you will get are:
⋆ First off Finding numbers is exciting and relaxing!
⋆ Brain exercise.
⋆ Memory trainer.
⋆ Save lots of time.
⋆ Train your eye skills.
⋆ Practicing speed reading.
⋆ Improve your performance at work.
⋆ Keep sharp eye reflexes and active mind.
⋆ Impress friends and co-workers.
⋆ Get ahead at work or school instead of lagging behind.

Offline game
⋆ The game is free to download and its completely offline. No internet is required.

Game Features
⋆ Relaxed mode.
⋆ Timed mode.
⋆ Multiplayer game mode for two players. (The player who finds most numbers is the winner)
⋆ Super eye mode.
⋆ Random mode.
⋆ Even Odd mode for two players. (The player who finds all evens or all odds first is the winner)
⋆ Choose numbers from (30, 50, 80, 100).
⋆ 5 different font styles.
⋆ Numbers rotations option.
⋆ Grey scale theme.
⋆ Watch rewarded video ads and get free searches.
⋆ Use search to find the number.
⋆ Classic paper theme.
⋆ Sound on/off.
⋆ Circle fill styles.
⋆ Remove ads from game via in-app purchase and get unlimited searches.
⋆ Designed for various screen sizes (Mobiles & Tablets).

Final Words
Find numbers - Schulte table is a way to kill time. Enjoy playing this addictive numbers game and share your best scores with your friends. Have Fun:)

Recent Updates - Version 0.1
  • ⋆ New UI and performance improvements.
    ⋆ Numbers options from (1 to 30, 1 to 50, 1 to 80, 1 to 100) has been added.
    ⋆ Five different font styles has been added.
    ⋆ Numbers rotation option has been added.
    ⋆ New gray scale theme has been added.
    ⋆ Designed for various screen sizes (Mobiles & Tablets).
    ⋆ Now you can watch rewarded videos and get free hints.
    ⋆ Support for latest android versions.
    ⋆ Banner ads have been removed.
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