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Fastlingo English Full

About Fastlingo English Full
Achieve English fluency quickly and easily with our English learning app. Our unique approach takes advantage of the natural ability of the brain to learn patterns by repeating relevant patterns specific to the English language. Our structured approach, based on my experience as a teacher, is designed to enable the learner to use grammar intuitively, without thinking about grammar. Our teacher-approved app is designed to be slow and easy to follow, introducing new grammar concepts and words gradually, and including spaced repetition for long-lasting results. Our focus is on speaking, so you can start speaking English confidently and effortlessly. Perfect for total beginners, our app does not require previous knowledge of the English language, making it easy for anyone to start learning English. Whether you're a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, our app is perfect for you!
Recent Updates - Version 12.5
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