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MergeCrafter Magic Merge World

About MergeCrafter Magic Merge World
Explore the world of Runaria🌎 to find a beautiful place filled with fun where EVERYTHING may be COMBINED to create greater, more effective goods on your adventure!

Runaria has been concealed by a mysterious event and the Settlers need your help! Your miraculous ability to MATCH 👉👈 ANYTHING, is the only hope for Runaria.

Delve into dungeons to solve puzzles and learn new MERGE magic mechanics, then return the winnings to your Home Camp to gather and expand!

Manage and merge on your Home Camp, even when you're OFFLINE📶. Boost production and MERGE EVERYTHING into better and more powerful 💪 items full of magic for your journey.

Set foot in the Forest🌲, Cave⛏, Desert🐫, and beyond. Find Iron, Gold, Emeralds, Diamonds 💎, and hidden treasures!

The most challenging missions await you!

Match even more with DAILY QUESTS and by assisting your fellow Settlers! Every week, take part in fresh EVENTS! Are you, The One?


== MERGING 👉👈==
⭐ Find over 600 amazing things to match and interact with!
⭐ Drag items at will throughout the land to evolve them into better ones!
⭐ Match 3 of a kind or 5 for a BONUS!
⭐ Find the Waypoints that have become stuck in the obscured land of each DUNGEON level. MERGE them to solve the puzzle!
⭐ MERGE items to gain XP to heal concealed land!

== TOOLS ⚒==
⭐ Craft and Merge Axes 🪓, Pickaxes ⛏, and Shovels!
⭐ Axes chop down trees 🪓🌳
⭐ Pickaxes mine ores ⛏💎
⭐ Shovels dig up sand piles
⭐ REFORGE to upgrade⬆ your tools with COINS!
⭐ Increase your Tool Power by ENCHANTING✨, REFORGING💫, and Trinkets!

⭐ BRAND NEW gameplay in the MERGE genre!
⭐ ENCHANT your tools⚒ with the spellbinding ALTAR to become more powerful!
⭐ Unique ENCHANTS such as Frenzy, Chain Lightning, Lifesteal, and many more
⭐ Upgrade your ENCHANTS to become even stronger

⭐ Explore🔎 a wide variety of different DUNGEONS in the Forest, Cave, and Desert!
⭐ Enjoy unfolding and progressing through dungeons as you break and merge your way through the levels

== QUESTS ==
⭐ Obtain and complete QUESTS ❔ from your fellow Settlers!
⭐ Earn SUPPLIES📦 and COINS💰 by turning in completed QUESTS!

⭐ Upgrade⬆ your CAMP by completing QUESTS to earn SUPPLIES!
⭐ Unlock powerful💪 tools by upgrading your CAMP to assist you in your adventure!
⭐ By upgrading your CAMP you will be able to earn more QUESTS!

⭐ CRAFT XP Jars to increase your XP🟢✨ capacity to unlock more LAND!
⭐ By CRAFTING Coin Storages👛, you can increase your COIN capacity!

== DRILLS ==
⭐ Find hidden treasure around Runaria by using DRILLS
⭐ Cool down DRILLS when they're overheating with WATER BUCKETS💧

⭐ Grow your favorite trees🌳🌲🌴 from a variety of seeds to gather resources!
⭐ They need WATER 💧 to grow

⭐ Research TREASURE MAPS 🗺 to discover buried treasure around Runaria!
⭐ DIG up the treasures with shovels

⭐ Bribe BANDITS 🤑 to acquire to stolen goods
⭐ Pay the BANDITS to gain access to the blocked bridges 🌉to unlock more LAND!

== EVENTS ==
⭐ Participate in weekly EVENTS to earn precious treasure🎁!
⭐ Earn powerful TRINKETS🔮 that contribute to your tool's power and adds a unique style on your tool!

Experiencing issues? Or an idea for a cool new feature? We love hearing from our players! Please visit our help page at

Always check for updates. We're working hard with our community to create the best MERGE game possible!

Download MergeCrafter now and bring the merge splurge to your phone! 📱
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Recent Updates - Version 1.13.2
  • Changes
    - Bug fixes + performance improvements
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