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Hearts - Classic Card Games

About Hearts - Classic Card Games
Hearts War was once the most popular classic card game in Microsoft Windows. Now after being redesigned us, it will be presented in the Google Play with a better gaming experience and newer features for free downloads! If you are a fan of classic card game , you will love this game!

Hearts In some countries and regions, is also called the Queen of Spades. Hong Kong and Taiwan regions call it the Sad Little Stack.
Rules are simple: Four people participate in the rounds of cards, according to the ranking order to play the same suit or layup, try to earn the lowest score by avoiding hearts...and especially by avoiding the 13-point Q Spades! The goal is to get the lowest points in each hand.

The first round: The player holding the 2 Club starts the game by having to throw 2 Club first. Other players choose cards with the same suit. If they don’t, they can use cards of other suits. At the end of a round of cards, except for players of different suits from the first card player, the player with the highest number of points wins the card to get the next round of cards. Remember, even if the cards played in the first round are layups, cards with scoring such as hearts and Q Spade cannot be played.
From the second round: The player throws cards of the same suit in a clockwise order. If there is no card, other cards can be played. In the second round, a score card can be played. When the first heart card appears, the scene is called ‘heartbreak’, which means that after the next round, all players can play any heart card.

Shoot the Moon
It is a special card game strategy, which refers to winning all the cards with points. At the end of the game, he gets 0 points, and all opponents +26 points.

Heart War Features:
-Easy to play, easy to be master.
-Creative collection feature, unlock unique background music
-Intelligent AI opponents to play with: There are three difficulty levels to choose from
-Standard rule: each heart card has 1 point, and Q Spade has 13 points in a round, totaling 26 points.
-Optional rules: you can choose whether to include J in the scoring range, if included, J will be recorded as -10 points
-Customize game ending points: 50, 100, 150 points
-High-quality solitaire card faces, card backs, backgrounds
-Fun and amazing game effects animation
-The game process is automatically saved, and you can come to a game anytime, anywhere
If you are professional hearts card game player, this expert hearts game is sure to be your favorite! Download Classic Hearts free today! Download it now!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0
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