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Robot Tactics X Strategy RPG

About Robot Tactics X Strategy RPG
Break through the Time Vortex and exceed your mecha limits!
Introducing new game play: Time Vortex and UML

Robot Tactics X is the brand new installment of the Robot Tactics franchise, the classic turn-based strategy mobile game featuring thrilling mecha battles and lots of Gacha heroes. The story of Robot Tactics X revolves around the conflicts between two continents, their secrets and conspiracies will be revealed by a group of outlaw heroes. Robot Tactic X has inherited the highly customizable mecha system and the chessboard-style gameplay from the original game, players will be able to strategize their way to victory. Also they can experience brand new features like terrain effects on battle and the countering between races, making the game more dynamic and diverse.


√ Tense and exciting PVP
The exciting PVP Arena, based on brain-burning strategy, is now updated with a manual mode to challenge the most brilliant of strategic minds and achieve ultimate victory!

√ Mecha Soul Awaken
100+ Mecha parts are available in the to assemble a highly customizable mecha. Colors are also customizable.

√ Incredible Tactics and Endless Strategies
Be tactical in classic turn-based strategy battles! Introducing the new gameplay based on countering Race’s effects and different Terrains. Think before you make your move!

√ Gotta Gacha’em All!
Exquisite original characters designed by famous illustrators from all around the world. Collect them all in the gacha system.

√ Exclusive pilots with original voice cast
60+ dedicated pilot designs created by artists from all over the world. Enhanced with voice casting by famous Japanese voice actors to bring you a more authentic gaming experience.

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Official Trailer:
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.1.3
  • 1. Added Main Mission Chapter 9.
    2. Added a ranking function
    3. Added a gyroscope animation to the main interface.
    4. Optimized the Starclub system.
    5. Added Lucky Scratch.
    6. Optimized the chat system.
    7. Added Chip forging and Chip skill gallery.
    8. Optimized the UIs
    9. Fixed some bugs.
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