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HD Craft 3D -Ultra Realistic G

About HD Craft 3D -Ultra Realistic G
Do you love to build? Do you enjoy building games? Do you love House Building Tutorials?

HD Craft 3D is a new free block building game with Ultra Realistic Graphics! Build and craft starter houses easily.

Build and craft your favorite starting Houses, Wooden Houses, Survival Houses, Modern Houses, and more for Free. Contains Hundreds of Ultra Realistic Blocks, Stairs, and Slabs so you can build and craft anything you want!

HD Craft 3D is the best building game with Ultra Realistic Graphics!


Fun block building game with lots of constructions: build anything you want from simple Houses to Modern Houses, Castles, and entire Worlds!
Ultra Realistic Graphics that run well on all devices.
Hundreds of FREE Blocks, Stairs, and Slabs for you to use and build houses.
Unlimited Blocks and Resources. No restrictions!
Learn how to build your favourite starting survival Buildings & entire Worlds!
Share your Buildings with your friends.
Visit your Friends' villages and get inspired.
Family Friendly! Great game for all ages.
Everything is unlocked for free without in app purchases and with no ads!
Can be played Offline.
Relaxing Music.

In HD Craft 3D you can build and craft anything you can imagine and share it with your friends and family! You can share your worlds and what you build with other players. You can become famous and the top builder in the world! Showcase your buildings and get your buildings featured in the game! Create and share starter house building tutorials. In this building game, you can build survival houses with Ultra Realistic Graphics! Build starter houses easily.

HD Craft 3D is a block building game where you can mine and craft with ultra realistic graphics.
In HD Craft 3D, you do not need mods, launcher or PE. You can create the custom blocks, craft special furniture or complete favorite building tutorial! The game contains excellent Skins and the ability to Export Skins is upcoming!


Visit your friends and help them build their city. You can also build buildings together! Play together in the Multiplayer!

HD Craft 3D can be described as Building & crafting. Exploration of the sandbox world! Creative game for teens and adults! Build, mine, create! Sim game - builder simulator! Sim crafting games for teenage boys, girls and adults. Build city & construct buildings using blocks! Design the cube world! Create houses, decorate them with furniture. City constructor game - . Let the adventure begin! Crafting for top girls and boys! Story mode - . Create a castle, build a zoo or a SPA. Everything is possible in HD Craft 3D since it is Creative Game! Crafting simulator game - Use different skins to dress-up! Become an ultimate miner, builder and explorer! Play creative mode or create a horror craft story! Craft your own dream King’s Castle. This game lets you build ANYTHING! Square infinite world! Explore it! Use editor for skins to customize your outfit. Free sim crafting game for teenage boys and girls as well as adults! Play with your friends! Designer simulator at its best! Free adventure game with story of a superstar house designer! It’s not another mod! Prepare the plans, get the items and build! Level up and build some more! Impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with your new colorful fashionist design! Free games from Bad Review Games! exploration of the cube world! Pixel strike! Become a constructor or explorer! Build & construct or decorate and design! You choose! My adventure & mine exploration!

Leave a feedback or a suggestions if you want to see more blocks, mechanics, and features added to this free Block building game!

If you have ideas you can also write it in the review or email us directly at

Recent Updates - Version 1
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