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Conquerors: Golden Age on PC/Mac

Author: IGG.COM

Score: 3.1

OS: Windows, OS X, 4.1 +

About Conquerors: Golden Age
Are You Ready For A New Challenge?
Global star Burak Özçivit is here in Conquerors, bringing his bravery and strong leadership to conquer the world with you! Burak Özçivit is available for our players as a 5-star Hero. Now's your chance to fight with strong Heroes such as Burak Özçivit, Ertuğrul, Saladin, Harun al-Rashid, and more!

:: Features ::
● Real-time warfare! PvP battles could happen on your territory at any moment.
● Mighty Heroes armed with powerful skills await you!
● Prestige for the strongest sultan! Raise your City's Prestige to unlock unique Prestige Skills and crush your enemies!
● Jazz up your City with a variety of skins and gain attribute boosts while showing off your sense of style!
● Summon unique pets and feed them to raise their levels! Crimson Dragon, White Wolf, Cheetah, Lion, and others await you!
● Freely migrate between Kingdoms to find one that suits your play style.
● Take part in Sovereign Strife - a battlefield for the true sovereign that transcends the universe.
● Take over Provinces and expand your Guild's influence to receive awesome rewards and earn bragging rights!
● Take enemies as captives for special Province bonuses, but beware of getting captured yourself!
● No ruler is complete without a palace. Become a King and conquer a Palace of your own, while enjoying privileges like renaming the Kingdom, and more!
● Solve puzzles on treasure hunt islands to rescue your princess and become a puzzle master!
● Strong allies are your key to survival. Join a powerful guild, or start one of your own!
● Interact with other players from around the world - join our community and chat with anyone from anywhere with real-time translation!
● A well-managed city is the foundation of a mighty army! Upgrade buildings, research technologies, gather resources, train troops, and promote Heroes to stay ahead!

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Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 4.2.0
  • v4.2.0 Update Notes:
    1. New Hero: Malik
    2. New City skins: Petra, Stormy Spiral, Ice Age
    3. Adjusted the Pet feature:
    - Can be unlocked by reaching City Lv 3
    - 7-Day Passes now include Food
    4. Optimized the following:
    - Packs at the Mall are categorized by tags
    - Battle Report
    - All Hands Together Tips Display
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