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Dustoff Heli Rescue 2: Militar

About Dustoff Heli Rescue 2: Militar
Soldier, the Air Force command needs you and your fighting helicopter on the battlefield. Grab your weapons, become the flying force of war, and get into combat in order to rescue helicopters in salvage operations. You have to become part of the flying corps and missions to complete this military rescue game!

As part of the armed forces, get ready to take off and fly your rescue copter and be the hero of the army in this world war. The most important thing is that you manage to transport your troops safely to the nearest military base. Your duty is to defend the lives of the soldiers in this army helicopter game. Avoid enemy air attacks with your chopper and shoot at their towers and tanks to destroy them.

【Dustoff Heli Rescue 2】Play one of the best helicopter games where you have to become part of the flying army and fly your chopper in multiple world war missions: transport wounded allied soldiers, attack the enemy air force, rescue survivors on the battlefield, save the hostages, build towers, carry out an air assault, support convoys, salvage operations, and much more.

Have you ever dreamed of flying such famous army helicopters as the osprey, apache, black hawk, dogfight, cockpit, or viper? Become the best airborne ww fighter pilot of your army! Get the elite squad of the army force to the battlefield and salvage the troops from conflict successfully and enjoy the well-earned heroism!

Challenging military and rescue missions
Rescue and save the hostages: fly through the adversary's war base and find the prisoner camps. Be alert, as you don't know when the enemy aircrafts may attack your chopper and you won't always have the allied air force at your side to save you.

Transport soldiers to the battlefield: you will have to rescue and get a group of soldiers to our camp safe and sound or transport them in your helicopter to the battlefield.

Gunship Battle: the hostile air force is very powerful, and it counts on tanks and convoys that will try to shoot you down with their anti-aircraft missiles and helicopters that will make your mission in this war dangerous. Fight in military air war attacks in your copter as part of the armed forces.

Military missions: you will have to accompany our alliance force by flying over to get them back to the military base. You will find enemy gunships, airplanes, and tanks that you will have to fight in air combat battles. Do not hesitate to destroy them in order to be able to protect our friends.

Air Force - Helicopter Games features:
✅ Up to 30 unique and casual missions
✅ 9 helicopters, each with different characteristics to suit the flight. More focused on air combat, when your objective is to attack and destroy the enemy on the battlefield, or more resistant and bigger when your objective is to rescue a part of your army.
✅ 11 weapons, all with different capacities: Choose and improve your gunship, in a military plane with firearms, missiles, and rockets to protect the allied troops.
✅ 3D Graphics
✅ Different day and weather conditions
✅ Numerous scenes of warfare including deserts, forests, hills, snowfields, hidden caves, mining systems, and much more to explore
✅Epic action music and cinematic sound effects
✅ Up to 30 achievements and 30 league tables

All in a well-known blocky style and family-friendly mode, where humans never die and the enemies always run away.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.8.1
  • Plugins update.
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