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Legend of Coin

About Legend of Coin

An epic story like none ever seen before in a coin game.
Over 200 monsters to train and summon!


The ultimate pusher-style coin game with a huge volume!
Legendary monsters battle in amazing 3D!

□□【Game Summary】□□
Use touch control to throw coins and gain different special coins
and rare monster prizes!

You can add the monster prizes you get to your deck
and summon them and make them fight the enemy.
Combine the same monster prizes to power up your monsters,
and raise the ultimate monster to defeat the toughest foes!

When you beat an enemy, it's fever time, and you can gain huge numbers of coins.
Gather three Magic Orbs
to create a super jackpot,
and gain incredible numbers of coins!

□□Many Special Coins to Acquire!□□
Monster Coins
Gaining these will summon a monster from the slot of the appropriate monster coin color to do a "special attack" on the enemy.
There are four types: red, blue, yellow, and green.

Magma Coin
Gaining these will cause a magma wall to appear in the side pocket for a duration.

Lightning Coin
Gaining these will allow you to fire for a duration without spending coins.

Gift Coin
Gaining these will cause special coins and monster prizes to appear for a duration.

Zeus Coin
Gaining these will cause all attack power to temporarily double.

There's lots of other coins, too!

Amazingly talented summoners will summon
many different types of monsters for you.
The summon ritual can be done with normal coins, too.

□□Level Up Bonus□□
When the player levels up,
the coin recovery limit will increase, and many other benefits will become available as well.

□□Super Jackpot□□
Defeating certain enemies will cause magic orbs to come down.
If you gather three magic orbs, a super jackpot will occur.
When a super jackpot occurs, you can get tons of coins!

□□World Ranking□□
At certain times, ranking events will be held for all players.
Depending on your ranking, you can earn various bonuses.
This is your chance to get lots of coins and rare monsters!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.15
  • Bug fix.
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