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About Kodama
What kind of tree is this? A Kodama tree?!
Here's a game of voice changing and creature collecting!

You've found a rare Bonsai, where cute and mysterious voice spirits called "Kodama" come to play!
These spirits love to play tag and hide & seek!
Once you find one hiding around your Bonsai, it's time to play tag!
If you can catch it before it escapes, it'll become your friend!

Talk to one of the Kodama you've befriended, and it'll echo your words back to you!
They echo your words in many ways, such as high-pitched, with added bleeps, backwards, or fast-forwarded! Each Kodama has a different echo, so make friends with them all and see what you can find!

Plus, if you make friends with enough Kodama, you can get a rare wallpaper showing a glimpse of how they live!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.0
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