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Eggs Drop - Game for Easter

About Eggs Drop - Game for Easter
Eggs Drop is a really simple 2D game. All you need is to be quick. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's a Easter themed game. In Eggs drop, you play in a beautiful day, the sky is blue, it's a sunny day and eggs are falling from the sky!

In Eggs Drop, you control an eggs basket. Catch all the eggs that are falling with your eggs basket to
earn points. It's not that easy because each egg falls with a different speed. In fact, each egg doesn't
have the same value since the fastest eggs will give you the more points.

Don't let any eggs leave the screen without catching them. Be quick because a game last just 30 seconds!
So catch all the eggs you can!

Eggs Drop keeps your best score in memory so try to beat it at each game! Hope you enjoy the best Easter
with Eggs Drop!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0
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