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Ball Sort Master - Puzzle Game

About Ball Sort Master - Puzzle Game
Sort balls into tubes with >hints. It is a smooth, fast, relaxing, and free-ball sort puzzle game.

Here are the most important features of the Ball Sort Master - Puzzle Game:

Hints Do you have doubts about what move you should make? Are you puzzled? Use hints! This is the most unique feature of Ball Sort Master - Puzzle Game, which you don’t find in most logical sorting games. Now you don't have to puzzle over what move to make for hours.

Or… If you are brave enough to do it without hints, you can sort the color balls and puzzle it out on your own. Try to solve all the logical puzzles and grab the prizes.

Undo We sometimes make mistakes while solving a puzzle, don’t we? Now, you don’t have to worry about that! Undo your move!

Safe state If there are no more moves, you will be directed to the place on the board where sorting balls and dealing with the puzzle is still possible.

Steps The fewer steps you make, the higher score you get!

Extra tube This is a super-helpful feature for sorting and achieving the next puzzle level! Use an extra tube and make ball sort levels easier.

Saving Your puzzle game is saved automatically. There is no need to be afraid of losing your progress. Close the game any moment, and next time you can start it from the same ball sorting position.

Customization Click the shopping cart and tailor your profile to suit you. You can customize anything you want. Choose between the great variety of theme colors, shapes of tubes, or the color of your sorting balls. Don’t forget to pick your own favorite avatar!

Statistics Tap your avatar and get transferred to the statistics. There’s a place where you can check your data, e.g., your rank, the stars you have earned, the number of hints you have used, and much more.

How to play:

- Tap a tube to select a ball.
- Tap another tube to move the selected ball...

...and that’s all! Isn’t it easy?
How many levels can you complete? This remains the only puzzle!

You can only place balls of the same color on top of each other. Try to find empty tubes first, and then move balls there. The best solution to solve the puzzle doesn't exist. Every single way that leads to a win is perfect, so you can apply your own style of sorting balls.

Wanna go back to previous levels and fix your steps record? Just select the levels icon!

Another option is to restart any of the sorting balls levels.

Few more things about Ball Sort Master - Puzzle Game:
- GIFTS and SURPRISES for filling up the tubes and solving puzzles.
- A unique feature - a self-solving puzzle is possible! Touch a tube, and...
a ball will jump to the right tube by itself!
- Lots of levels to solve, and each one is diverse.
- Player rank to observe your progress.
- The Internet or Wi-fi is not required to sort balls!
- Free and easy to play.
- This game will become your guilty pleasure!

Don't let your gameplay go down the tubes! Fill up the tubes and raise your rank!

Are there any things that still puzzle you about the game? Any questions or suggestions? Write to us!

Enjoy, and... May the balls be with you!
Recent Updates - Version 1.3.04
  • Some new special offer in the game :)
    Bug fixes and improvements.
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