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About Workout90
NOTE: Due to database format changes, upgrades from Workout90 versions prior to 1.6 might cause issues
-Delete the app before upgrading to avoid these problems

Workout90 is a handy companion app for 90-day extreme fitness programs that tracks your workout progress.

Simply choose the day's workout, then tap on any exercise to set your reps and weight.

Workouts can be added and deleted at any time, allowing you to customize each day's exercises to your workout schedule.

Also functions as a daily workout journal, with photo attachments; take photos of yourself as you work through the program, and see the changes!

The History calendar lets you easily review and edit previous days' workouts, as well as view your progress in any exercise as a graph! You can also email yourself a complete workout and journal log at any time!

The developers of Workout90 are in no way affiliated with Beachbody or Product Partners, LLC, creators of P90X® and other extreme fitness programs.
Recent Updates - Version 1.8
  • New Features:
    The history calendar now displays each day's workouts using colored stripes
    Weights can now be displayed in pounds or kilograms
    Estimated calories are shown in Portions and Email Log

    Workout Editor: Crash related to special characters in workout and exercise names
    Exercises deleted from the Workout Editor still appeared in daily workouts

    Cleaned up the camera code to prevent crashes
    Cleaned up database code to improve stability
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1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Workout90 APK
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