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Royal Archero VS BOSS

About Royal Archero VS BOSS
Royal Archero VS BOSS is a shooting games with RPG elements, it will also bring you the fun of adventure games. Unlike other shooting games, you can upgrade your character with skill and gear. Now come and try this epic RPG adventure games.
Get ready, our hero! The world is collapsing. Horrible monsters have turned the earth into battle lands. Prepare for the battle and use your excellent archery to save the world. If you are looking for shooting games to kill your spare time, Royal Archero VS Boss is one of the best choices among those bow and arrow games. We craft a grand battle royale for the archer, inspired by other outstanding action games. By completing the level, you can hone your archery which help you become a shooting master. Take up the arrow and gun and fight your way out of the battle.
Join the battle and become shooting masters
Tired of pulling triggers in other gun games? Don’t worry, you will never get tired in our arrow games as an archer. As you advance the game, you will face different enemies in various action shooting. After eliminating these monsters, random equipment and rewards will drop, which will help you become masters of the bow. You must harness your bows and skills well and be the last one standing in this battle royale. Earn experience points to level up and enjoy the tense and refreshed battle in endless action games.
Collect the epic hero
You will never be alone in these battle lands. There are many archer heroes are waiting for you to unlock. Customize your own archer or shooter and upgrade their ability to better suit for the action shooting. With better shooting skills you can defeat stronger monster. Be masters by moving, dodging and shooting. With mounting game time and experience in the battle royale, you will learn many tactics and skills and in the meantime form your own battle style.
Unlimited combination
After each battle, you will be rewarded with decent shooter, bow and armor. Each one has its own unique power for archery or shooting. You can also use the materials dropped in battle lands to forge the powerful bow and arrow. As there are so many equipment and skills, you have countless combination of them as well. To reach the end in the action shooting, you have to think it creatively and you shall be masters of action games.
Simple to play and quick to master
If you have great passion on shooting games, this is the one right for you. Just wave
your fingers on mobile, and then you can feel like grabbing a real bow. Everything
is so simple but have endless fun. Take these action games in your pocket. Jump into
battle royale, practice archery, shoot monsters and become archer masters.
What are you waiting for? Set foot on battle lands and join the battle right now by clicking the download button. Grab your gun and bow, shoot them all and claim your rewards.
And we have always thought that feedback of players play an important role in developing our gun games and shooting games. We will appreciate it if you can offer your valuable advice in your reviews.
Recent Updates - Version 2.8
  • 1.Optimize the types and values of some resources dropped by enemy
    2.Adjust the difficulty data for the later level based on player feedback
    3.Fix a prize collection issue caused by poor network in some areas
    4.Adjust monster parabolic attack trajectory in some scenes
    5.Reduce the attack frequency of some monsters in mid and late stages
    6.Fix some UI display bugs
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