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Luminescence Visual Meditation

About Luminescence Visual Meditation
★ Enjoy relaxing, uplifting visual meditations with the Luminescence app by Meditation Oasis™. Each "show" is a magical sequence of individual images that gradually morph from image to image to create a deeply moving mystical "movie". Experience the combination of Barry Steven's amazing mandala images and Richard Maddux's relaxing, music for meditation and relaxation. Or use this app simply to be uplifted and inspired by beautiful art and music!

★ Use your creativity to create your own visual meditation. The possibilities are endless and you'll enjoy watching different sequences of mandalas as they fade in and out of each other.


"A mandala is a circular image which touches into the universal and conveys a quality of Centredness, Peace and Oneness." -- Barry Stevens



✓ WATCH three pre-programmed sequences of mandala images

✓ CHOOSE from seven selections of music or watch without music

✓ CUSTOMIZE the display by choosing how long each mandala stays on the screen and the speed with which it fades into the next mandala

✓ CREATE YOUR OWN mandala displays from a library of 40 exquisite mandala images

✓ WATCH EACH SHOW for your choice of 3, 6, or 9 minutes, or set it to loop indefinitely


BARRY STEVENS, Mandala Artist

Barry Stevens is internationally recognized as an artist for his unique paintings of mandalas. He has been painting mandalas since the early 70s as a meditative art form, having had a long term interest in mystical philosophy, healing, sacred sites and related subjects. Barry's paintings are part of his experience and expression of Oneness.

RICHARD MADDUX, Musician and Composer

Richard Maddux has played music all of his life, specializing in percussion and keyboard instruments. A long-time meditation teacher, he composes music which has the ability to create deep relaxation and expanded states of awareness in the listener. Co-creator of the popular Meditation Oasis podcast, his music is widely used for meditation, relaxation and healing.
Recent Updates - Version 1.4
  • updated images to be visible in all devices.
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