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Chess Clash - Play Online

About Chess Clash - Play Online
The best Chess game from has arrived. Learn how to play chess by playing against chess grandmaster players from around the world. Test your logical skills in this multiplayer chess game! Chess is a strategy game and one of the most popular board games of all time. Your goal is to capture your opponent's pieces and checkmate their king in this chess online game.

Play online chess games, challenge real players from around the world, and become a pro chess master. Invite your friends and challenge them to a match in this mini pocket chess game. Chat and exchange gifts with other top chess players. Play multiplayer chess games with friends and master the tactics and strategies of a chess game.

Try the two game modes — play the Classic Chess board game mode for a relaxed match or the Quick Chess board game mode for a fast-paced match. Choose from several arenas that offer different match prizes in this chess online game.

Unlock and collect beautiful chess sets by playing the game. Get free rewards every day! Compete with other players on the Leaderboards. Climb them up to the top and win big prizes. Everyone can join this Real Chess adventure and learn new tactics by playing live with real opponents!

Key Features:
► Online real multiplayer chess game
► Free daily rewards
► Invite and play with friends
► Chat with players and exchange gifts
► Multiple arenas with different prizes
► Two game modes — Classic Chess and Quick Chess
► Collect unique Chess pieces and top Chess boards
► Compete with other pro chess players on the Leaderboard
► Supports offline play with computer mode
► Complete daily missions to earn exciting rewards
► Unlock premium items on the season pass
► Try your luck at Golden Box and win free items

How to Play:
► Pawn can move either one or two squares in the forward directions
► Pawns can capture only on forward adjacent diagonal squares
► Knights can be moved in an L shaped pattern
► Rooks can move any distance either vertically or horizontally
► Bishops can move any distance diagonally
► King can move one square in any direction
► Queen can move any distance vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
► Checkmate the opponent's King to win the match

Coming Soon:
► Daily new puzzles and challenges

Use superior tactics and strategies to attack your opponent and checkmate their king in this online chess game. Stay tuned for more exciting features. Download now and unleash the Chess master in you!
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Recent Updates - Version 6.1.1
  • Play and practice against computer
    Exciting new events starting soon
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