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Flowerlike Plant ID and Care

About Flowerlike Plant ID and Care
Know your plants! The Flowerlike plant care application is very fast, free but accurate plant recognition and identification mobile app available. With just one snap of a photo, our artificial intelligence identifies the plant in seconds. With this information and our plant guide database, you can take care of your plants better than ever before!
Flowerlike is an essential app for plant parents and plant nannies in love with plants.

Here are our features that are all free but work great.


Where is the best place for my plant ?

As a plant lover, you know that plants need light to grow and thrive. Flowerlike is a plant care solution that can help you grow your plants better with the perfect amount of natural light. Thanks to the Flowerlike light meter, it can measure the suitability of your plant to the light. It offers suggestions on what type of flower to grow anywhere in your home or living space.


Plant Watering Reminder

The Flowerlike app is the perfect assistant for people who are just getting started with their first potted plant and want to learn how to make sure they're getting the right amount of water. Once you know your plant's water needs, you can water your plant regularly by setting a watering reminder.


Plant Identification

Thanks to the plant identification feature, you can find the type of your plant by taking a single plant snap in seconds. This feature is free and unlimited.


Rich Plant Guide

Flowerlike is a rich flower guide especially for indoor plants, balcony plants, succulents and cactus species. Growing plants is now easier with this guide. You can also find answers to the following questions thanks to the plant guide:
✨ Is My Plant Toxic? : Find out if your plant is harmful to pets.
✨ Does My Plant Need Fertilizer? : Tells your plant's fertilizer need and fertilization period. You can prevent your plant from dying by over or under fertilizing.


Plant and Garden Tracking

You can create mini gardens where you keep your plants together in the application and manage which plants you have in which place. Users with multiple plants can thus retain complete control. For example, my balcony flowers, my living room flowers, etc.


Key Features

🌟 Unlimited and free Plant identification
🌟 Unlimited and free garden and plant tracking
⭐ Accureate Plant Identifier with Flowerlike Plant Identification AI model

Do you know how to care for your plants? Plants need light, water, and a lot of love. But with our app, you'll be able to keep track of your plant's needs and never forget to give them the attention they deserve. It even comes with a plant identifier that'll teach you about each kind of plant so that you can understand the needs of your green friends! Download Flowerlike now and start caring for your plants
Recent Updates - Version 1.7.0-gardenia
  • - New plants added
    - Improved user experince
    - Improved performance and stability.
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